X-Ray cal. 50


Red hard rubber balls, accurately measured and grinded to guarantee a perfect spherical shape and tolerance. An entirely made in Italy product , designed to guarantee great performances in speed and accuracy.

Zulu cal. 50


The Zulu model is designed to offer  a greater lightness at the service of precision. This is the main purpose behind the black 50 cal. hard rubber balls: perfectly calibrated bullets for fast and outstanding performances. 


Adaptateur self M8 + 10 balles caouthouc

Un adattatore per palle in gomma, appositamente progettato per trasformare la tua arma in uno strumento di difesa. Un accessorio indispensabile e fidato, per proteggere te e la tua casa.

Gun Case

Specific for Alfa 1.50 pistol.

Designed for the LTL Alfa 1.50 gun, this case is a resistant accessory with a minimalist design and a practical closure. The essential equipment, to keep and store your non-lethal weapon.

Gun Holster

For carrying the Alfa 1.50 gun.

Carry your Alfa 1.50 always with you and attach it directly to the belt. The handgun holster allows you to wear your weapon in a comfortable and practical way, without any unnecessary bulk.


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